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Veronica Berti Bocelli's speech at the UN Work-life (IM) Balance - CSW61 side event in New York on March 16, 2017
Policies and pratices empowering women to achieve their full potential in the worldplace and the family


International Womens' Day: 
"8 Marzo: oggi è la festa della donna, la donna che è il fiore più bello del creato e in questo giorno così speciale e in questa festa così piena di significato voglio dedicare a tutte le donne qualche nota che possa essere la colonna sonora di questa loro giornata… Buona giornata"
'March 8th: today is ‘International Women's Day, and women are the most beautiful flowers of Creation.
For this so very special event, and for this celebration so full of meaning, I would like to dedicate to all of them a few notes, wishing that they may be the soundtrack of their day...
Have a wonderful day!'
Scandinavia Tour
Scandinavia Tour Feb 2017, photo Aldo Visentin
February 21, 2017: 
concert at the Forum Copenhagen, Denmark, Frederiksberg C  
February 23, 2017: 
concert in Oslo, Norway, Telenor Arena
February 25, 2017: 
concert in Stockholm, Sweden, Ericsson Globe
with conductor Marcello Rota,
soprano Ekaterina Lekhina
guitar duo CARisMa, 
pop guest Illaria della Bidia
Scandinavia Tour Feb 2017, photo Luca Rossetti
January 15, 2017 
concert in Zürich, Hallenstadion
 “The Music of Silence”, the movie based on the life of Andrea Bocelli is produced these days in Italy !
Antonio Banderas (“Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” “The Expendables 3”), Toby Sebastian (“Game of Thrones”) and Jordi Molla (“Bad Boys II,” “Riddick,” “Blow”) will star in this movie “The Music of Silence,” based on the life of Andrea Bocelli, and his memoires of the same title. The film is being directed by Academy Award® nominee Michael Radford (“The Postman,” “The Merchant of Venice”). This film will feature songs that Bocelli composed when he was young but have never before been released.
Find more information on the official site as also here:
We will keep you informed also in this matter!
 Please let me forward Andrea’s own recommendation of a 
new project of Maestro Marcello Rota 
– The new way to learn opera – 
Andrea Bocelli a Fano per tenere a battesimo l'OperaStudio, progetto del baritono Ivano Berti per avvicinare al palcoscenico gli appassionati alla lirica
“My best compliments and congratulations to the Maestro and above all friend Marcello Rota for this wonderful recording of Tosca and especially for the idea of recording an instrumental version of this Opera which will enable a lot of singers to practice in one of the titles most known and loved by everyone and it is something that I hope will be followed by other operas  we singers we need this, thanks Marcello!” (M° Andrea Bocelli).
 Please visit to get to know this great project.


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