November 15, 2005
Belgrade, Serbia, Belgrade Arena  Hall

I was at the concert two nights ago and I am still under great impression of his heavenly voice, appearance and modesty. The atmosphere was great. More than 15.000 people gathered in the new and recently built "Belgrade arena" to enjoy in more than 2 hours of beatiful music and singing.
The press and TV here in Belgrade agree in one thing: Maestro Bocelli's concert at "Belgrade arena" was much greater spectacle than Pavarotti's concert in spring this year.
Personally, I would like to say that meastro Bocelli has touched the deepest side of my heart with his heavenly voice, the way no one has ever done before.
Thank you Italy, thank you Tuscany and especially-dear Meastro Bocelli, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the immense pleasure you gave us!
Kisses from happy Belgrade, Serbia!
Maestro Bocelli is a real star in Serbia, people adore his voice and personality. Prime Minister Mr. Kostunica hosted him before the concert in his official premises in the Government of Serbia. People are thrilled that he, unlike some others, is a very modest man, demanding almost nothing special (he even said to the press that he "is just an ordinary man, nothing else") and especially because he gave certain amount of money earned at the Belgrade concert to the fund that is dedicated to renewal of Belgrade opera house.
I was listening the news last night (two days after the concert is over) and everybody were still impressed saying that the concert was "the happening of the year 2005" (although Mr. Pavarotti held a concert this year, too).
Zorica Planic, Belgrade
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