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Guadalajara, Mexico
Instalaciones de Educar
March 4, 2005

To start let me say that I HATE SO MUCH AIRPLANES and I had to take one 'cause Guadalajara is far from where I live. As we arrived to Guadalajara, we started talking about Andrea Bocelli's concert and let me tell you something it was so difficult to convince everyone that the concert was not going to be in "teatro diana," everyone had that confusion!!!

An hour before the concert, we get a cab and FORTUNATELY!! he knows where Educare is, we arrive, I look at the stage, and I just cannot believe this day is finally here. It's time for the concert to begin, Overture from Carmen starts to play, I look up to sky and I see that the night out of nowhere is clear, the stars are SHINING and everything is just perfect. Andrea comes into the stage I CANT BELIEVE HE'S IN FRONT OF ME!!!

"Matinata" finishes and I AM SO EXCITED, I start clapping as hard as I can, this is night is just magical!!! He continues with "Aranjuez," the song is just perfect, his voice LOVELY!!! To go on with the concert Paola Sanguinetti shows up and sings "O mio babbino caro." Her voice is just wonderful!!! The first part of the concert is over, and I have a big big smile on my face!!!

The concert goes on, it's time for "O soave fanciulla," SPECTACULAR!!! Just amazing to listen to this great duet performed by THE BEST VOICE IN THIS WORLD. Going on, we dont realize it, but Andrea has everyone in his palm, everyone is just quiet, his voice so PERFECT!! So full of LOVE, SO WONDERFUL!!!

This dream is getting to an end, an standing ovation can be heard, HE GOES!! I am just FULL OF JOY, but wait - he's back, "Dell'amore non si sa!" He comes back singing this  song, I am so thrilled!!!! He gives us 3 more pieces of GLORY!!  "Con te partir" is the way he concludes this AMAZING NIGHT!! ONE MORE TIME A STANDING OVATION!! EVEN FROM THE PEOPLE NEARBY!!! A big smile is still on my face, and it gets bigger when he says "GRACIAS" with his big and magic SMILE.

It's over. This dream is over, but I can tell you that the sickness of taking an airplane, having to wake up so early, taking all those taxis, EVERYTHING EVERY LITTLE DETAIL I WENT THROUGH TO GET TO SEE ANDREA WAS WORTH IT A 100% . I WOULD JUST NEVER FORGET THIS TERRIFIC, WONDERFUL, AMAZING NIGHT!!!

Maureen Rodriguez
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