Europenan concerts
November 21, 2006 
Pisa, Italy - Teatro Verdi
Lori and I got to Pisa at about 3.30 pm and checked in our hotel, then went to the box office to collect our tickets., which I had phoned for the day before. We managed to get row 13, not bad as the theatre is only small, I was told it seats about 900,  floor seats and 5 levels of boxes. There were posters outside the theatre advertising the concert, with the photo of  Andrea and Fiorenza, in the Tosca roles. It was organised by the Rotary Club of Pisa. The concert was due to start at 9 so we went and had a bit of a look round. It was pouring with rain, so it was a quick look, then back to the hotel and get ready.. We got to the theatre about 8.45  and we were given a little programme with the same photo on the front, no indication what was going to be sung, other than it said it was a "Concerto Lirico" and it had the names of other singers listed inside, which turned out to be 1 soprano, 1 tenor and 2 baritones.
The backdrop of the stage  was beautiful, and there was just a grand piano on it. We saw Carlo come out and adjust some papers on it. The lights went down about 9.15 and Pippo Baudo came out and chatted a little, all in Italian of course ! then in came the choir, who sung Va Pensiero. The choir remained and then Pippo said a few more words and then Fiorenza came out, with Andrea on her arm - to thunderous applause ! Carlo was at the piano and played while Andrea and Fiorenza sang a duet from Tosca. On checking, it is number 5 of CD1 of "Tosca". This was about 12 minutes long. Then we were treated to "Brindisi" during which Fiorenza had a little dance with Andrea.  It was really nice, no microphones of course and Andrea was having a really enjoyable time of it, judging by his broad smiles, chatter with Fiorenza and relaxed attitude. He was presented with something in a box, some kind of award perhaps, no idea what it was. Fiorenza got one too and something else.
Andrea went off with a big wave and he did not come back. Fiorenza did and sang a couple more arias. After the interval the other singers each performed 2 arias. We were hoping Andrea might have come back and showed them how to do it but alas, no such luck !
Andrea's mother was there too, in the front row, looking very glamorous. She stayed until the end and went off into town  with a few people. The evening finished about 11.20.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so we did the touristy things, as we only had the 2 days there and this morning we flew home and Lori won a raffle prize of a free return flight with Ryanair ! Talk about luck.......
We had booked the flight to Pisa and accomodation back in August, as Lori had never been and we thought these dates sounded good, being a week after the Rotterdam and Antwerp concerts, we could just fit them in with Ryanair's schedule and at one penny each too.....
 I have attached a photo of the programme.
by Caroline


November 19, 2006 
Helsinki Finland, Hartwall Arena
Andrea gab ein Konzert am Wochenende in Helsinki
 Am Sonntag den 19.11. war der lange erwartete Tag endlich da. Schon tagelang hatten wir einen grauen und regnerischen Novemberwetter gehabt. Am Sonntagmorgen war alles jedoch ganz anders. Die Sonne schien wie im April. Mehr kann man hier nicht eigentlich in dieser Jahreszeit wünschen. Die Stimmung war also hoch von Morgen an.
Am Abend war ich in der Konzerthalle schon rechzeitig, als die Türe geöffnet wurden. Ich war gespannt und gleichzeitig berührt, ich hatte ja diesen Abend so lange gewartet. Ich habe meinen Platz gesucht und dann habe ich in aller Ruhe gewartet und nur zugesehen, wie es allmählich immer mehr und mehr Läute kam. Bald war Areena sich mit Gästen gefüllt. Gegen 20 Uhr hat das Orchester zum Anfang Danza Slava n. 2 gespielt. Dann hat Maestro Rota Andrea auf die Konzertbühne geführt. Eine kurze Weile war es ganz still in der Konzerthalle, dann wurde es applaudiert. In Schwarz gekleidet hat Andrea zuerst allein und später mit Doriana Milazzo und Gianfranco Montresor verschiedene Arien, u.a. Au fond du temple saint, Aria di Vilja, O Soave Fanciulla, Terzetto gesungen. Das Konzertrepertoire war ein wenig geändert worden, und z.B. E lucevan le stelle haben wir leider nicht gehört, sonst war alles perfekt.
Nach dem Zwischenakt trug Andrea eine weiße Jacke. „As you see, I changed my jacket“..., hat er uns lächelnd gesagt. „It´s for you“, mein letztes Album ´Amore´ hat sich ja so gut verkauft, hat er weitergemacht. Dann hat er festgestellt, daß dieses Konzert das letzte in Europa in diesem Jahr sei, und daß er es traurig findet, obwohl er auch müde ist. Zuletzt hat er uns noch dafür gedankt, daß wir da waren.
Nach diesen freundlichen Wörtern hat er dann u.a. Granada, Mamma, und Funiculi funiculà gesungen. Dann waren die Lieder von seinem neuen Album ´Amore´ an der Reihe. Die Stimmung in Hartwall-Areena war wirklich  hoch geworden. Er hat Besame Mucho, Somos Novios und zuletzt  Because We Belive gesungen. Gleichen Applaus habe ich noch nie gehört. Viermal Encore, und jedesmal hat er ein neues Lied gesungen, zuletzt noch It´s Time to say goodbye. Was mehr könnte man noch wünschen? Alle sind still gestanden und zugehört. Das war unvergesslich, wie auch der ganze Abend. Ich bin dankbar, daß ich die Möglichkeit hatte, diesmal da zu sein, und ich weiß, daß ich nicht die einzige war, die Tränen in Augen nach Hause ging. Ich hoffe von ganzem Herzen, daß Andrea auch nächstes Jahr ein Konzert in Helsinki geben wird.
von Pirjo

October 14, 2006
Gothenburg Sweden, Scandinavium
I was there!!!!! Of course I was there, I loooove Andrea Bocelli and the music he stands for. And of course I made some of my Amice friends from USA to come over The Pond too join me. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t difficult at all!
We combined their concert visit to Gothenburg with a visit to me in my home town Stockholm . I am happy to show visitors around anytime and we also had some nice days running the streets up and down before we took the train to Gothenburg. Gothenburg is the second biggest town in Sweden and situated on the south west coast.
One more Amice (this is what we call each other within the groupJ ) from Chicago with a very special bear, Mr. Bearcelli joined us in Gothenburg. Now we were a group of four. Hotel Opera was the suitably name of the hotel we choose to stay in. Yippee for the weather Gods!!! Gothenburg was sunny and had no-wind the weekend we stayed.
As no-one of us were costume to Gothenburg we took a trial trip with the tram already in the Friday afternoon  to convince us that we would find Scandinavium in time for the concert on Saturday eveningJ. After this trail tram trip we could relax and see a little of Gothenburg.
At the concert we had our seats in row three. No problem hearing and viewing what went on the stage. It’s such a treat to be so close to the stage. Andrea was, as always, drop- dead- handsome and the Prague Chamber Choir, Czech National Symphony Orchestra and Maestro Rota did a wonderful musical framing for our OFT. The program was followed...I think…if there was any alternations it never irritates me anyway..As long as Andrea sings he can sing what ever his heart tells him to!
Soprano Daniela Bruera was in very good voice and had a dress inspired by Marie Antoinette. In the group we had different opinions about the dress, but must say it was very up to date and Daniela could wear it so well. Baritone Gianfranco Montresor sang the  “Au fond du temple saint” from the Pearl fisher with Andrea. They did it fantastic! The special pop star that sang in the second part of the concert with songs from Amore was Rosalie Misseri.
 Encores were Can’t help falling in love, the prayer and Time to say goodbye.
A concert with Andrea Bocelli ALWAYS ends too fast….What can one do except start saving up for the next?
Our group of Amice had the fortune to get tickets for the Bingo Lotto TV show the evening after too. Earlier, when I called for tickets I was told they were finished. I said: “Ohhhh…I got friends from USA especially in Sweden for Andrea Bocelli..hmm…hmmm... It was silent in the phone for a second…THEN ..Oh, I will see what I can do. She left the phone….came back and she said “You can come!!!”. Ohhh Thank you so much!
This event made my American Friends very happy. To get to know the Swedish pop star Carola ..and to see her sing with OFT was an extra treat that they got very excited over. The CD with Andrea and Carola singing Because we believe is published in Sweden , but can also be listen too and seen at You Tube and the Home Site of Bingo Lotto.
by Britt-Mari “zevede” in Stockholm and her three Amice Colette, Jane and Doris from over the Pond.

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