October 31, 2007 
Concert in Iceland, 
Reykjavik, Egilsholl
Hello from Iceland !
Decided to send you some details from the concert in Reykjavik..
The concert was just incredible. It was far beyond all my expectations and much more..
Our new sports arena, Egilshöll, turned our to be a good place for a Bocelli-concert.
It was warm inside, the seats were comfortable,.. our programs waiting there for us...
two huge screens and the stage lighted in a beautiful violet colour. And later on, we found out that
the sound system was exellent in the house.
It was strictly forbidden to tape the concert and also to take photos.. it should be complete silence
for the artists.. and it was.
And what a magic the concert was.. It was like Andrea did captive us from his first moment on the stage.
He was beautiful dressed, in a black tuxedo and a white bow tie, with very short beard.
I liked the voices of Daniela Bruera very much. She was dressed in red.. tall and elegant.

And the program really was a dream come true :

Bizet: L'Arlesienne Farandole (the orcestra )
Tosti : La serenata ( A. Bocelli )
Rodrigo : Aranjuez ( A. Bocelli )
Bizet : LPearl Fisher´s ( A. Bocelli and G. Montresor )
Gounond : Romeo and Juliette, Je veux vivre ( D. Bruera )
Bizet : Carmen prelude ( orcestra )
Gastldon : Musica proibita ( A. Bocelli )
De Curtis : Non ti scordar di me ( A. Bocelli )
Bizet : Carmen , Votre toast ( G. Montresor )
Puccini : Tosca, E lucevan le stelle (A. Bocelli )
Puccini : La bohe´me ( duett.
A. Bocelli and D. Bruere )


Verdi . Rota Valzer ( orcestra )
Anicello : Vieni sul mar ( A. Bocelli )
Lara : Granada ( A. Bocelli )
De Curtis : Tu ca nun chiagne ( D. Bruera )
D'Anzi : Voglio vivere cosi ( A. Bocelli )
Bixio : Mamma ( A. Bocelli )
Rota : Amarcord (orcestra )
Tosti : Marechiare ( A. Bocelli )
Cannio : O, surdato ´ nammurato ( A. Bocelli )
De Curtis : Torna a Surriento ( A. Bocelli )
Verdi : La Traviata Brindisi ( duett A. Bocelli and D. Bruere.

The encores :
O, sole mio ( A. Bocelli and D. Bruera )
The Prayer ( A. Bocelli )
Con te partiro ( A. Bocelli and D. Bruera )

What a wonderful concert all of them gave us this evening !
After each song it was a long sincere applaud and for the last two encores, it was a standing ovation..
Afterwards on the stage, the artists receiwed bouquets. Andrea did wave his flowers and gave us a sweet smile
as he walked of the stage.. I just hope he felt our adoration and gratefulness...
I have never heard Andrea in such a voice. His voice really was divine ... I cannot find any better word over it.
His interpretation did go direct to your heart.. and each song became his own masterpiece
by Elsa Jónasdóttir
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