December 23, 2008
Carmen Nebel Show, ZDF 
Interview with Andrea

Andrea just has sung "Mama" -

Carmen Nebel: Andrea Bocelli - I greet you warmly, buona sera ...
dear Andrea Bocelli, this album what you are presenting now, has a special meaning for you. There are very special songs on it, which have been very important in your life - can you tell us a bit about it?
Andrea Bocelli: That's true, the disc is called "Incanto", because of my opinion these songs are representing all together a great charm. Songs that generations before have charmed, and they had the great privilege of the greatest voices ever to be brought to success, from Caruso, for example, by Benjamino Gigli and all the other great singers. Therefore, I wanted to bring all these songs together, which are characterized for me really of great energy and of great passion, of love, and they electrify quite regularly. I wanted them all together on this CD, and and there was no other title than "Incanto" for it.
CN: Yes, we just have been enchanted from it, dear Andrea Bocelli.
In a program like this, in a Christmas show, our audience naturally is interested in this : how do you celebrate Christmas?
AB: Well, Christmas for me is the most beautiful celebration during the year, and perhaps it is actually the easiest celebration of the year. In Tuscany, the tradition is that we will have a relative simple Christmas dinner, there is a chicken soup and a capon and little more. But above all, it is the tradition, as well as all over the world I think, that we can be together with our beloved.
CN: I believe, your sons are now 13 and 11, and you of course will be together with your children at Christmas. Are you singing together with them?
AB: Yes, my sons, they love the music quite extraordinary, they both learn  piano, but they are ashamed, to sing in front of me.
CN (to the audience) : He is a charming father, ladies and gentlemen, he spends much time with his children, and we are fortunate that we now can show you a piece from a wonderful documentary of Andrea Bocelli. A film that never has been shown in Germany ... and these are wonderful pictures, look ...
(Film: Andrea with Amos and Matteo inlineskating)
... we see him together with his sons when inlineskating, great! He is absolutely a very, very athletic man ...
(Andrea while surfing)
... he loves it on the surfboard ...
(Andrea goes waterskiing)
... and watch now, he is also waterskiing,... but it's even worse, more dangerous ...
(Andrea while skydiving/ parachuting)
... this man is sitting in an airplane and he jumps out for no reason ...
AB: You see, in life ... singing is, like any other art, a kind of speech, of expression, and that serves to communicate, and if the life is not full of these things what should you then indicate, what should we communicate. And therefore nevertheless we must ensure that every day in our lives have a certain sense, and this is something you can remember your whole life.
CN: I can only congratulate you. Great, admirable, faszinating! A great man, Andrea Bocelli ...
AB: Thank you - (in German) Dankeschön!
CN: Of course I wish you, your family, your two sons Merry Christmas ...
AB: Thank You
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