June 5, 2013
concert at Pepsi Center – Denver, CO, USA
Since becoming a Bocelli fan and getting internet service (thus knowing where he will be performing ALL the time!), I have been able to see him live at least once a year. I always wonder what a new year will hold, where the travels will take me and when. We were given a nice headstart this year when we learned of the June tour several months in advance. June? Considering my last concert was in December, I liked the idea of warm weather travel. Count me in! Denver was my choice city this time. I'd never been there before and it was the closest one to Chicago not on either coast. Truth to tell, it was the ONLY one not on either coast. I didn't want to go far. I put out the call, "anyone for Denver?", and Gloria responded. Yay! We rode the rails from Chicago and arrived out west the day before THE BIG NIGHT.
Our hotel was across the street from the Pepsi Center. You've GOT to love any location that eliminates all worries of the dreaded traffic jams! The Springhill Suites hotel was worthy of the love and not just for the location. We learned from our shuttle driver their one year anniversary will be in August. It's very new looking still and the staff is first rate!
When Gloria and I were all ready to go and began walking down the hall to leave for THE BIG NIGHT, she mentioned having the familiar pre-concert butterflies feeling. Me too! Although I've attended concerts in many cities for many years, each night with Andrea is brand new! This was definitely true at the Pepsi Center.
A vendor was selling programs outside the arena. I bought one. As he said, "you won't have to wait in those long lines inside!". Another perk to getting it then was it gave me something to look at while we waited for the doors to open. The by-now familiar "Passione" cover shot was pictured on the front of the program. In the lower right hand corner were the words, "Passion for Life US TOUR". I thought that was really neat. We fans all know about Andrea's "Passion for Life". I like that he's putting it out there in print for the world to see! This being the first concert of the US tour, I was lucky to not have seen any information about what the program would hold. When I looked at the song list, I was pleasantly surprised. There were five pop songs ON the program. We have all gotten used to pop songs only being encores. I like seeing Andrea finally giving his pop side more exposure in concerts. The pop music IS a big part of his career. It is nice to see it get a fair representation. Encores would add three more pop songs for a total of eight in the show. It was the "poppiest" :) concert ever, for me.
The first half of the concert was where all the classical songs were, of course. Since I didn't know anything about the content ahead of time, when I saw "Di Quella Pira" on the program I was again surprised. Not because we haven't heard that in concert before, but because it had been going through my mind all that morning! Not exactly the standard "can't get it out of my head" tune, for sure. :)It sounded wonderful, of course! The Pepsi Center crowd was enthusiastic from the start--a great kickoff for the tour! The duet from "Romeo et Juliette" near the end of the first half was quite a stunner. The "Brindisi" from "La Traviata" included Andrea dancing with Maria Aleida and I was happy to see it. Anytime he wants to take his partner for a twirl, I'll be glad to watch.
Many favorite songs for me were featured in the second half. "Granada" is my ring tone! The best way to hear it, of course, is live. Mit der rechten Maustaste hier klicken, um Bilder downzuloaden. Um Ihre Privatsphäre besser zu schützen, hat Outlook den automatischen Download dieses Bilds vom Internet verhindert.
*:x lovestruck When a piano was brought onstage, I knew that whatever was going to happen next was going to be very special. It was a back-to-back of my two favorite songs from "Passione"--"Era Gia Tutto Previsto" and "La Vie En Rose". I very nearly cried! Andrea at the piano changed the arena into a very intimate space. Amazing!
When the encores begin, I am always wondering, "how many will we get?". The number could never be high enough! We had four in Denver: "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas" as a solo; "New York, New York" (special for me because I'M a part of the show then! I see myself on the big screen backdrop footage during the song and it's a huge thrill.); "Time To Say Goodbye", which isn't true anymore and I love that; and a "Nessun Dorma" finale to bring the house down. It used to be that "TTSG" was the signal the evening was over. Now "Nessun Dorma" wraps up the night. Andrea surely looked like he could have kept on going for another hour! I know, I know, in my dreams...and the dreams of every other person in attendance that night at the Pepsi Center.:)
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