September 29, 2009
My Andrea Bocelli Story  #no 4
submitted by Christine, Scotland
How can you describe the magic of a night under the Tuscan Skies listening to the most wonderful voice ever.

My journey began five years ago during a visit to Sorrento.  The Hotel bar was playing a beautiful c.d. and I asked what it was.  The answer, of course, was Andrea Bocelli.  Sadly, four days into our holiday my mother died.  As we were waiting to leave the hotel on came the tune Time to Say Goodbye.  This, to me was unbelievable as I had already decided in my mind to have this at my mother's funeral.

I was hooked.  I, like so many, have all his albums and videos - posters on the walls as well.   Last year I joined the fan club and was sent an email about tickets for the Teatro del Silenzio and immediately booked two seats.

We arrived in Italy to temperatures of nearly 100 degrees.  It was pure magic.   We had hired a car and on the day of the concert, drove from Montecatini to Lajatico.  On the way we passed all the beautiful fields of sunflowers (just like on the DVD Tuscian Skies).  Naturally we had to stop and out I got to get a photo of me running through the sunflowers. On arrival at the Teatro we waited in the queue with many Italians.  Suddenly, along came a car with Andrea inside, followed closely by another car with his mother and Veronica.  The car with his mother in stopped right beside me and she was waving and chatting to everyone.  What a wonderful lady she is.

When the concert began (about half an hour late, but who was bothered) it was just sheer magic.  I could not believe that I was sitting in a corn field, in the middle of Tuscany late at night, under a clear midnight sky, listening to the wonderful voice of Andrea.  Words could never, ever describe this performance and I am anxiously awaiting the release of tickets for next year.

My love for Italy is passionate and I am learning Italian and hoping to move to Italy in the not too distant future.  I spend hours listening to Andrea and it is helping me to come to grips with the beautiful Italian language.

My next concert is the S.E.E.C. in Glasgow - can't wait - although I fear the weather will not be quite the same as at the Teatro!

My heart will always be with you Andrea.


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