October 11, 2009
My Andrea Bocelli Story  #no 6
submitted by Charles Sciascia, USA
Andrea & My Grandson
My story goes back to 2002 my grandson was 6 years old ,I decided to take him to see Andrea Bocelli to see & hear him sing in Miami Florida .The Maestro was doing his Sentimento tour, as usual Andrea was spectacular even though he was going through a rough time in his personal life . My grandson heard him for the first time and fell in love with Mr. Bocelli ,needless to say I had to buy him all the Cd's and Souvenirs of Andrea's . He started taking Piano lessons and Singing lessons at 6 years old  he wanted to be like Andrea ,The piano teachers usually don’t take students before 7 years, but when she saw CharIes how enthusiastic he was she made an allowance to teach him.  I  still see him singing Canto Della Terra with the Andrea cd when he was six. He joined a boys choir and has been singing till this day in the choir even though his voice is changing from the soprano voice to a more mature voice to be, the choir director wants him to stay and help with the new students.  Two years ago we saw Andrea in Hollywood Florida  on December 12th on mine and my Grandson's birthday's , we share same birthday's and name,next month we will see him in Fort Lauderdale. Anytime he  is in Florida we will see his concerts . I am happy to say Thank You Mr. Bocelli ,I could not think of a better person for my grandson to try to be like. He still takes Piano and singing lessons and sings in Church every Sunday morning with the Lead Cantors and plays a classical piece of music from time to time in Church, the Priests and the Cantors like him very much, he is the only young boy singing with grown men.  He has genuine talent and I am happy to say because of Andrea Bocelli he is pursuing his dream . Thank you Mr. Bocelli  for bringing out the Best in my Grandson Charles.   
My Best Wishes to you, Charles Sciascia's Grandpa  Charles Sciascia
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