December 11, 2009
My Andrea Bocelli Story  #no 9
submitted by Charlotte Collins, USA
My Andrea Bocelli story is not very different from many others.  I accidentally discovered Andrea on PBS in 2006 when his Under The Desert Sky special was showing.  I heard that beautiful voice and came to the den to see who the singer was.
I was totally taken aback by his voice.  My next thought was, he looks a littlel scruffy to sound so marvelous wearing blue jeans and untamed hair.  I became so enthralled, I got on the internet to find out about him.  
As I looked, I became fascinated by what an honest and true person he seemed to be.  I immediately bought his Desert Sky  CD and DVD .  After reading his book,   THE MUSIC OF SILENCE     I ordered one CD and DVD after another until
I had everything he had recorded. 
I can truthfully say, Andrea's music touches my soul, and I never knew what that meant before.  So, when I found out he was touring that fall in the U.S.  I knew I had to see him in person.  I live in North Carolina and realized he would probably
never have a concert here, so I decided to go to New York and see him at Madison Square Garden.  My daughter, my  12 year old grand daughter  and my son went with me to N.Y. and we had the most wonderful time. 
The night of the concert was perfect and magic.  A dream come true for me to see and hear Andrea in person, as well as the delightful Steven  Mercurio conducting.  It was one of the high lights of my life.  I have never applauded, yelled and stood  to honor anyone as much ,ever,in my life before.
I have learned very much about opera and how to appreciate it better, as is one of Andrea's desires.
Now, my wish is to win the lottery, so I can travel to Italy to his Theatre of Silence, and to see him in person on every tour to the U.S.   How wonderful that would be.
I was impressed with Andrea, his depth, his talents, his education, his family, his mother, his loyalty to his family and theirs to him.  I firmly believe he is a good and fine man as well as  having the best voice in the whole world. 
I look forward to more CD's.  I love them all and now I love MY CHRISTMAS. 
    Thank you, Andrea
Charlotte Collins, a devoted fan
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