February 8, 2010
My Andrea Bocelli Story  #no 11
submitted by Mary Ann, USA
My father passed away in September 1993. One night I was watching the New York Yankees win the World Series.  After the game was over, they played the most beautiful song. I had zero clue who the singer or song was it just brought tears to my eyes.  My husband walked in while I was crying and ask why I was crying and I told him to listen to this Angel's voice.  He cried as well.
Months went by I wanted to fine this amazing artist and that song ...no luck!!
My husband and I were working in Lufkin, Texas when I heard that voice again and the song that struck a cord in my heart. I raced over to the girl that had it playing.  I asked her who sang that song and what was the title.  That was my lucky day...I went out and purchased his grammy winning song and bought my first album Romanza!
We have been fans since 1994. I learned to sing in Italian to my husband.  He started to sing "The Prayer" with me.We always wanted to go to Italy and he him perform.
Unfortunately, my husband was in a fatal car accident in October 2007.  At his funeral I played "The Prayer, Besame Mucho and Con te Partiro" in loving menory.
I went to my first Bocelli in Dallas last year.  I would love to meet this amazing singer.  He is AWESOME!!!
Thank you for letting me share my story.
A fan forever
Mary Ann
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