September 12, 2011
My Andrea Bocelli Story  #no 13
submitted by Antoinette, USA
 I am writing to you to let you know how much your music means to me. I grew up in a beautiful Italian family in New York. Both of my parent's were raised in Italy.  In 1995 I lost both of my parent's a few months apart which was very difficult for me at age 23. I struggled everyday for 5 years to find my happiness. I asked god everyday to help me be happy in life again. Until the day I went to the store to buy your cd "Romanza". I sat in my car and couldn't wait to listen to your cd. I will never forget this day, as soon as your song "The Prayer" came on I immediately got chills through my body and as I listened to the words a spirtual feeling ran through me. I felt a warmth of spirt in me and it was then that I was able to move on in life and accept what has happened. The way you sing The Prayer is amazing. Your word's and voice brought my life back to me. You brought my heart back , to be happy again. So for this I want to thank you from all my heart. I love to listen to your voice everyday.
I had to see one of your concert's and I finally had a chance last year to see you in the Izod center in NJ  for your christmas spectacular. I was the happiest person alive that night. My husband Thomas suprised me with tickets since he knew how much your music means to me.
I also just had a chance last week to win tickets to your concert in Central Park. I am so happy I will be able to listen to your voice in person again. Also this concert is a tribute to your father and that's a beautiful thing. He told you when you were young that he want's you to sing in NY. "Your father will hear your voice from where ever he might be". I will be at Central Park next week.  I am counting down the minutes to feel the amazing spirit from your voice, that you light into my heart.
Thank you for giving life back to me!!!
Grazie, Antoinette Broglia
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