Cover "Andrea" Universal 2004

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U.S.A. Version
1.  Dell’Amore non si sa ...
2.  L’attesa                           
3.  Un nuovo giorno
4.  Tu ci sei
5.  Sin tu amor
6.  LibertÓ
7.  Per noi                            
8.  Le parole che non ti ho detto
9.  Sempre o mai
10. In-canto
11. Quante volte ti ho cercato   
12. When a child is born
+ Bonus track: Go where love goes
i-Tunes exclusive track: Semplicemente (Canto per te)
U.K./ Japan Version
1.   Dell’Amore non si sa
2.   L’attesa
3.   Un nuovo giorno
4.   Tu ci sei
5.   Semplicemente (Canto per te)
6.   LibertÓ
7.   Per noi
8.   Le parole che non ti ho detto
9.   Sin tu amor
10. Sempre o mai
11. In-canto
12. Quante volte ti ho cercato        
+1st Bonus Track:            Domani
+2nd Bonus Track:  Go where love goes
International Version
1.    Dell’Amore non si sa
2.    L’attesa
3.    Un nuovo giorno
4.    Tu ci sei
5.    Semplicemente (Canto per te)
6.    LibertÓ
7.    Per noi
8.    Le parole che non ti ho detto
9.    Sin tu amor
10.  Sempre o mai
11.  In-canto
12.  Quante volte ti ho cercato   
+ Bonus track:  Go where love goes


Andrea about his new album:
thanks to Universal Germany
"Singing is the universal language of the heart.  If you can communicate the feelings that are within your heart, others will understand through theirs." 
Pop music is an important creative experience.  It allows me to express myself in different ways, enjoy new experiences, work with new musical talents and new voices, discover new music, new cultures and new sensibilities."
"For years I have been learning everything possible about the workings of the recording process.  To have a studio here was a dream come true.  It gave me huge freedom.  At any time I could listen to new material, experiment, formulate ideas and most importantly record.  Each and every day I work with my voice for several hours and it is a natural progression to be able to capture it in the moments when you feel most inspired.  I feel this can be heard in my performances on the album."  

thanks to Universal Germany

"In opera my responsibility is to the tradition.  In pop my responsibility is to the audience.  I want to offer inspired and unique songs, not something written to a formula.  The songs must touch me.  I need to get the feeling they call 'butterflies in the stomach'.  If they touch me I hope they will connect with the public.  I'm interested in finding classic songs that will endure.  'Con Te Partir˛’ (‘Time To Say Goodbye') is the obvious example."
"We've worked with creative new songwriters and producers who have taken me in new musical directions.  And of course we have worked again with writers, producers and musicians responsible for my biggest pop hits.  There is an Italian expression: 'Squadra che vince non si cambia', which I believe in English translates as 'never change a winning team'." 
thanks to Universal Germany
"Some songs, such as 'LibertÓ' are in the tradition of powerful, inspirational ballads which I love to sing.  On others, such as 'Semplicemente' and 'Sin Tu Amor', we draw influence and energy from other cultures and musical traditions."    
"We struggled with several names, but somebody made the comment to me that my parents gave me a beautiful name.  Recording the album in my home studio, I came to think of it very much as 'my baby'.  So here is the album.  This is me."
photos and text courtesy Universal Music Germany