"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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In February Andrea presents an exclusive concert performance of Madame Butterfly together with Carla Maria Izzo at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo, which was attended by Princess Caroline of Hannover.


In March for the first time Andrea appears as a producer, not as a singer, at the Italian song Festival of San Remo, where the young artists Allunati and Jacqueline Ferry sing for his newly founded record label, Clacksong.

In April he presents his "new life with Veronica" in an exclusive interview with the Italian magazine Chi

In May his second complete opera, Tosca, is released and enters the worldwide classical charts in high positions.


 On the occasion of a private benefit gala for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, UK, Andrea sings in front of Great Britain's Royal family. 
One day later, on May 22, he receives two awards for Sentimento at the Classic Brits 2003 in London’s Royal Albert Hall: 
Best selling classical album and Album of the year (people’s award). 

At this evening, Andrea Bocelli and Bryn Terfel, together present the unique duet from Bizet’s Pearlfishers, "Au fond du temple saint," and they bring the hall to their feet cheering.

Siena, 24. 5. 2003, thanks to Anne L.
Reminiscent of Night in Tuscany, on May 24 Andrea performs in concert  in the Piazza del Campo in Siena, with soprano Maria Luigia Borsi, soprano Lucia Dessanti, baritione Soo Kyung Ahn, and violinist Ruth Rogers, accompanied by Maestro Marcello Rota and the Orchestra Città di Pisa. The concert is a benefit for the Arpa Foundation. 
Again in May, on the 27th, among many famous artists from all over the world, he once again is invited to Pavarotti & Friends in Modena and sings a medley of Neapolitan songs together with Maestro Pavarotti.
Athen, 2. Juni 2003, Thanks to Studio PANOULIS, Athen
In June Andrea continues his Sentimento tour in Athens and Cyprus.
On August 11 in Jesolo, 
on the Italian Adriatic coast, during a solemn 
a section of the way along the beach   (lungomare) is named after him.  At the same time also receives an award.
Jesolo Lungomare di Stelle, dedicated to Andrea Bocelli,  foto copyright
Prag, 4. 10. 2003, curtain call, photo copyright
After a summer break, at the end of August until October, Andrea continues his World Tour in the capitals of Europe and in Cairo. He is accompanied by Maria Luigia Borsi, Ruth Rogers and Marcello Rota
In September he takes part in a concert for the Ministers of Justice and of the Interior of the European Union at the Auditorium in Rome and sings for them from the romantic arias of Giacomo Puccini to Neapolitan songs up to a duet with Alexia: a special version of Modugno's "Nel blu dipinto di blu"
In October Andrea has to say farewell to another important mentor in his life: Franco Corelli dies at the age of 82.
In November he once again tours in the U.S.A, this time he is accompanied by
 Ana Maria Martinez or Kallen Esperian 
and Steven Mercurio.
In Great Britain he wins the 
ITV National Music Awards as
 "Favourite Specialist Performer" 
Oakland, 8.11.2003, photo
In December he gives his first concert in China and at the end of the month he sings Gounod's "Ave Maria" at 
Pavarotti's wedding in Modena in front of hundreds of invited celebrities.
By the end of the year, Andrea once again is the No. 1 on Billboard's Top Classical Artists recap
As the year ends, Bocelli has the distinction of having two albums in the top 10 of the Top Classical Titles chart, "Sacred Arias: Special Edition" at No. 10 and "Sentimento," which has remained a best seller since its bow in November 2002, at No. 1. Thanks to Bocelli, Philips wins the No. 1 spot on the Top Classical 
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