2001: Messa da Requiem, January 28, 27
2001: USA Tour, March 22 - April 6
2001: concert in occasion of the reopening of the tower, Pisa. June 17
2001: 2 concerts in London and Dublin, July 21/22
2001: USA Tour, November/December
Auszug eaus dem Pisa Programm
June 17, 2001
Parco di San Rossore, Pisa, Italy
Classical Concert for the ARPA Foundation
in occasion of the reopening of the Leaning Tower
Andrea Bocelli gave a concert on June 17 in Pisa, on the occasion of the redelivery of the tower after the work of strengthening it. Bocelli was accompanied by the Toscanini Orchestra of Parma conducted by Maestro Marcello Rota, with guests soprano Cecilia Gasdia, mezzo soprano Manuela Custer and baritone Massimiliano Fichera. The concert, with a classic repertoire, took place at San Rossore in Pisa, on the grounds of the President of the Republic, and the proceeds will go to the Arpa Foundation, of which Andrea Bocelli is the honorary president, and whose resources are dedicated to the development of oncology, transplant and new medical-surgical technologies.curtain call, Pisa, June 17, 2001, thanks to Astrid!


Arpa Foundation
"Some years ago I found myself in the hospital to attend to my seriously ill father. At that time I felt his suffering deeply, and that of the other sick.
One day Professor Mosca, director of that department, called me into his room and spoke to me about the possibility of supporting a foundation to promote medical development. He proposed to me that I preside over that foundation. Initially I was surprised and also worried, perhaps because of the importance that this appointment signified. I took time to reflect.
I considered the suffering that forced the sick to also lose dignity. I remembered the incessant activity of the care givers who made use of all available means. I realized that my public image could be of great help. At the end, I accepted the charge and the Arpa Foundation was formed.
The professor chose the name Arpa, struck by an ancient Zen story in which it's said that music exists only as long as those who listen exist. Besides, the harp possesses a peculiar resonant effect through which, when a cord is plucked, the others all resound in 'sympathy.' So I like to think that the generosity of some can stimulate others to give, to better the well-being of everyone. I thank all of those who will want to support us"
Andrea Bocelli
(translation: M. Morgan)
Italian Original:
Fondazione Arpa
"...Alcuni anni fa mi trovavo in ospedale per assistere mio padre gravemente ammalato. Allora ho sentito profondamente la sua sofferenza e quella di altri malati.
Un giorno Prof. Mosca, direttore di quel reparto, mi chiamò nella sua stanza e mi parlò della possibilità di sostenere una fondazione per promuovere lo sviluppo della medicina. Mi propose di presiedere quella fondazione. Inizialmente fui sorpreso e anche preoccupato, forse l'importanza che quell'impegno significava. Presi tempo per riflettere.
Ripensai alla sofferenza che costringeva quei malati a perdere anche la dignità. Ricordai l'incessante attività dei curanti che si adoperavano con tutti i mezzi disponibili. Mi reso conto che la mia immagine pubblica poteva essere di grande aiuto. Alle fine accettai l'incarico e si costituì la Fondazione Arpa.
In nome Arpa lo scelse il professore, colpito da un' antica storia Zen in cui si racconta che la musica esiste solo finchè esiste chi ascolta. Inoltre l'arpa possiede un peculiare effetto di risonanza per cui quando una corda viene pizzicata, per 'simpatia' risuonano tutte le altre. Così mi piace pensare che la generosità di alcuni possa stimolarne altri a dare, per migliorare un bene di tutti. Ringrazio tutti coloro che ci vorranno sostenere."
Andrea Bocelli
TG 1 17.6.2001


TG 1, 18. 6. 2001, Pisa
TG 1, 18. 6. 2001, Interview beim Konzert in Pisa am 17. 6. 2001
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happy smile        
happy smile after the concert, Pisa, June 17, 2001, Thanks to Astrid !
      after the concert
Il Giorno
June 18, 2001
Bocelli sings for the Tower
And to do some good
by Eva Desiderio
PISA: "I will return, I promise you. I will return in a year, always here, for Andrea Bocelli for Arpa 2002. Solidarity, like love, never stops." This is the promise that Bocelli made to the audience of 3500 spectators at the classical concert with opera and popular arias yesterday evening, on the lawn of the Cascine Vecchie at the Park of San Rossore. And, if possible, after this very beautiful promise, the applause became even stronger and warmer, to reward not only the skill of the artist (who sang for two hours straight), but the generosity of the man.
Because Andrea Bocelli very strongly wanted this charity concert together with Professor Francesco Mosca, president of Arpa, who two years ago convinced him to become the spokesperson of this non-profit foundation that promotes research and the development in various fields of medicine and health. A show full of humanity and hope, in marvelous natural scenery, with the perfume of the sea and the magnolias, which saw the famous tenor duet with Cecilia Gasdia and sing together with mezzo-soprano Manuela Custer and baritone Massimiliano Fichera. At the podium Maestro Marcello Rota, to conduct the Symphonic Orchestra of the Arturo Toscanini Foundation, and the Corale Pisana.
Completely dark at the beginning. Then a bull's eye illuminates a harp, while on the great white sails on the stage are projected the marble masterpieces of Pisa: and suddenly it's as if the Tower, which was the great thing celebrated yesterday, and with which this concert closed the ceremonies of handing back the bell tower to the city of Pisa, all of a sudden had moved from the Piazza dei Miracoli to rise, mighty and silent, in the forest of San Rossore. The chorus sang the Hymn of Mameli ( Italian national anthem). And it is a blending of voices without a face that tells, before you begin the concert, the extraordinary adventure of solidarity, and of those who offer their work to others.
The first strong emotion, with Puccini and Tosca: the warm voice of Bocelli, now powerful, now fragile, and it contains the emotion of singing in his Pisa, the city where he studied and graduated in law, before many friends that have loved him since he wasn't famous. Then "Vissi d'arte" and a very tender Gasdia gives us chills. The music and the songs follow with "L' Arlesienne" of Bizet, Mascagni and "Cavalleria rusticana," "Va pensiero," "Il trovatore, " the "Ave Maria"of Mascagni ," Panis Angelicus." And also the great Neopolitan traditions with "Core 'ngrato," "O' Surdato 'nammurato," "Torna a Surriento" and "Tu ca nun chiagne." Encores with "O' sole mio" and with the "Brindisi from Traviata. And, at midnight, after the third encore the audience invited him, and he ccepted immediately, to sing the Hymn of Mameli. A standing ovation for everyone at the end. Almost a dress rehearsal for Andrea of the concert (sold out) with 18,000 specatators at Hyde Park on June 21 (maybe before Tony Blair) and then on the 22nd in Dublin. "A shame I won't see Bono," says Bocelli - "who that same evening will sing in Torino with U2."
An intimate party, far from the mundane
PISA: Mamma Edi is in the first row next to Enrica, the beautiful wife of Andrea Bocelli, who has left at home in Forte dei Marmi the small Amos and Matteo: the tenor has spent the whole day on the beach with his family and the children have gone to bed early. With Edi and Enrica are 5000 people who bought tickets to support Arpa and to give a better future to young researchers. "I didn't want that this be a mundane event, but an intimate and intense one, an engagement full of true values," says Bocelli, "and next year, who knows, I could think to do it again and to make it a TV event like my friend Big Luciano." Meanwhile Andrea sings for everybody, "above all for many at this moment in the hospitals around the world who give the best of themselves in very difficult conditions."
In the name of Puccini
by Giuseppe Meucci
PISA: And suddenly Puccini, "E lucevan le stelle..." So Andrea Bocelli, between the roar of applause, began the great charity Pisan concert, which for the entire day had made us hold our breath because of the uncertain and windy weather. On the other hand, between the melodies and San Rossore you could see also a certain coming together, admitting that it's possible to join a place to the music.
"In this case it's not the music that's important," says Bocelli himself, " but the reasons for which this concert was organized."
So Andrea Bocelli, who has breathed the Pisan air from birth and knows these things well, has chosen to begin a song to effect a great summons, almost to suggest a magic alliance between a place and the music, precisely that of Puccini.
translation: M. Morgan


Plakat zum Konzert, Pisa, 17. 6. 2001