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August 11, 2003, Jesolo Italy

Bocelli Day

Jesolo Lungomare di Stelle, dedicated to Andrea Bocelli,  foto copyright
 A part of the "Lungomare di Stelle"
of the Adriatic holiday ressort Jesolo is dedicated to Andrea Bocelli.
You find it right on the sea
between Largo Augustus and Piazza Mazzini
Gina Lollobrigida, the great Italian actress, honored a year before, appears as his "godmother" and welcomes him already in the morning together with President Amorino di Zotti of the A.P.T. Jesolo-Eraclea s.r.l.


Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, welcome at Piazza Europa by Gina Lollobrigida, Presidente di Zotti and Fabrizio Cibin, foto copyright
During the press conference that follows, Renate Bausch is honored as founder of the website by the major of Jesolo, Francesco Calzavara and the President of A.P.T., Amorino di Zotti. Very nice words about the quality, worth and  informative nature of  this
- OUR - website are said and warmly applauded 
by Andrea Bocelli and Gina Lollobrigida.
Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, foto copyright
Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, Renate Bausch receiving an award by Mayor Calzavara, foto copyright

Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, Renate Bausch receiving an award by Mayor Calzavara, foto copyright

In her surprise and confusion, Renate at least manages to stammer a few words of thanks, also in the name of all the fans out there who help to make happen - not only in Europe but all over the world,
from Iceland to New Zealand,
 from the United States to Japan.

Gina and Andrea smiling after the pressconference, Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, foto copyright
In the evening Andrea and Gina Lollobrigida are driven through the city in an exciting parade of classic cars from the Historical Car Club of Jesolo to receive the cheering applause of thousands of people standing along the way
TG1, 12. 8. 03

At Piazza Marconi the procession stops for the ceremony in which Andrea
places his hands in cement. In the future, this imprint may be seen in
the Jesolo Tourist Office at Piazza Brescia.

TG212. 8. 03
Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, foto copyright


Gina, Andrea and Veronica enjoying a wonderful Italian summer night together with 5000 fans, Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03,  foto copyright
The event finds its crowning finale in a warm Italian summer night in
front of about 5000 people. 
 Overwhelmed by so much enthusiasm, Andrea expresses his thanks for the honor of having a part of the Lungomare
dedicated to him, and expresses his hope that one day he may show it to his sons.

Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, Andrea thanking for the honour, foto copyright


Jesolo, Bocelli Day 11.8.03, singing for his fans at the end of the event, foto copyright
At the very end, as a special gift to his fans, accompanying himself on
the piano, Andrea sings "Aranjuez," as well as the Italian National Anthem together with 80 children of the Jesolo children's chorus


We all stood on our feet and felt 
that this was an evening unlike any other
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