December 25, 2002
Connie Chung Tonight,
(Andrea sings "Aranjuez")


Connie Chung , CNN, 25.12.2002


December 25, 2002
(Andrea sings "Aranjuez")
CNNAmerican Morning, 25. 12. 2002


December 25, 2002
Early Show



The Sentimento Tour
London, 10. 11. 2002, mit Lidia Baich und Maria Luigia Borsi, Dank an Astrid


December 20, 2002
ARD, German TV
Brisant, 20. 12. 2002, ARD


December 14, 2002
Bingo Lotto, 
TV4 (SVT), Swedish TV
Andrea singt En Aranjuez con tu amore und Barcarolle 
Bingo Lotto, TV4, Schweden, 14. 12. 2002


December 3, 2002
CNN Headline News 
CNN, aus Florida, 3.12. 2002


November 30, 2002
Martine Sings The Musicals, 
ITV, British TV
Andrea and Martine singen "Barcarolle"


Martine sings the Musicals, 30.11.2002, ITV


November 29, 2002
Il sentimento di Andrea Bocelli
RAIdue, Italian TV


Il Sentimento di Andrea Bocelli, 29. 111. 2002, RAIdue


November 26, 2002
Caroline Rhea Show
Andrea sings "Aranjuez" with Lidia Baich on violin and Carlo Bernini conducting a small studio orchestra…
Caroline Rhea Show, 26.11.2002


November 18, 2002
Charlie Rose Show 
interview together with Lorin Mazeel
watch it
online here
Charlie Rose Show, PBS; 18. 11. 2002


November 12, 2002
RAI uno, Italian TV
Andrea sings several songs from Sentimento
Novecento, RAIuno. 12.11.2002


November 5, 2002
Today Show, 
Andrea sings "Aranjuez" and "Serenata" 


Today Show, 5. 11. 2002


November 4, 2002
The View 
Andrea sings Barcarolle
The View, 4.11.2002


November 4, 2002
Today with Des & Mel
British TV


Today with Des & Mel, ITV, 5.11.2002


October 28, 2002
RTL Boulevard


RTL Boulevard, RTL4, 28.10.2002


October 3, 2002 concert Busseto, Italy Busetto 3. 10. 2002 mit Maria Rambelli, Alberto Gazale, Maria Luigia Borsi , Dank an Renate II


September 19, 2002
Torna a Surriento
"Sorrento, Caruso and other stories"
RAI uno, Italy
Andrea sings "Torna a Surriento" on stage at the Marina Piccola of Sorrent and  "Santa Lucia" in Caruso's room of the Hotel Vittoria, accompanied by Carlo Bernini at Caruso's piano. At the end of the gala Sorrento's mayor Fiorentino  awards the new Caruso Award to him.
Torna a Surriento, 19. 9. 2002 RAI uno


September 16, 2002
La vita in diretta
RAI uno, Italian TV


La Vita in diretta, Sorrent, 16. 9. 2002
September 11, 2002
Porta a Porta 
RAI uno, Italian TV
Andrea takes part at the special in memoriam of September 11th 2001 and sings Ave Maria
Porta a Porta, 11. 9. 2002


September 8, 2002
Miss Italia 
La Moda 
RAI uno, Italian TV
live from Salsomaggiore Terme
Andrea sings
 Il Diavolo e l'angelo and presents his cloth from Massimo Rebecchi
RAI Uno, 8. 9. 2002, Miss Italia, mit Fabrizio Frizzi


August 2002
The Homecoming
Andrea celebrates his birthday with many friends


August 2, 2002
TV interview for WNET, NYC PBS station


July 26, August 3, 2002
Madama Butterfly, Torre del Lago
Butterfly, Torre del Lago, Juli 2002, thanks to Astrid!


June 27, 2002
Zoom, RAI int
Zoom 27. 6. 02, RAI int





June 26, 2002
Early Show Summer Concert Series,
transmission of the show from June 11 in New York 
 Andrea sings Mille Lune, mille onde und L'incontro
Fan report at
CBS Early Show, 11. 6. 02


June 22, 2002
concert Aarhus, Denmark
22. 6. 2002, Aarhus, Dänemark, Dank an Astrid


June 10, 2002
Regis & Kelly,
Andrea sings Mille Lune, mille Onde)
Regis & Kelly 10. 6. 2002, US TV


June 7 - 16, 2002
US-Spring Tour
Chicago, 7. Juni 2002,  mit Ana Maria Martinez, und Steven Mercurio, thanks to Gloria


May 28, 2002
Pavarotti & Friends for Angola Pavarotti & Friends for Angola 28. 5. 2002
Rai uno, Italy
Andrea sang 
Miserere (together with Maestro Luciano Pavarotti and Zucchero)
 Mille Lune Mille onde 
Medley of "My way", "Parlami d'amore Mariù" and "O surdato'nnamurato"e (together with Maestro Pavarotti)
Hey Jude (with all the other protagonists for the big finale)
May 27, 2002
Italia 1, Italy
broadcast of the show from Piazza Plebiscito, Napoli of May 26, 2002 
 Andrea sings Mille Lune, mille onde
Festivalbar, Neapel, 26. 5. 02


May 27, 2002
Aspettando Pavarotti 
Rai uno, Italy
während der Proben zu Pavarotti & friends 25. 5. 2002


May 26, 2002
Classical Brit Awards, ITV, Great Britain
transmission of the gala from May 23 in London
 Andrea sings Melodramma and
 E mi manchi tu 
Fan report at 
Brit Awards, ITV, 23. 5. 02
Andrea receives a special award for
Outstanding Contribution to music
May 16, 17, 18, 2002
Solo Musica Italiana 
Video Italia
Andrea presents his new single
 Mille Lune Mille Onde)
Video  Italia 17. 5. 02


May 7, 2002
La notte dei Telegatti
Canale 5, Italy
live from Milan 
 Andrea und Tony Renis receive a Telegatto (Italian TV award) for the soundtrack of the TV series "Cuore": 
Se la gente usasse il cuore) 
Telegatti, Milano, 7. 5. 02, mit Tony Renis


May 5, 2002
Chanter la vie F2, France 
Andrea sings Melodramma


Chanter la vie, 5. 5. 02, F2, Frankreich


May 4, 2002
Arena der Stars, ARD, German TV
broadcast of a show from February 17, 2002 (Andrea sings Mille Lune, mille Onde and with Helena L'abitudine)
Oberhausen, 17. 2. 2002, Arena der Stars, ARD


April 20, 2002
Stasera pago io
RAI uno, Italian TV
 (Andrea sings with Fiorello My Way and after joking with him 
Mille Lune, mille onde) 

Stasera pago io, RAI uno, 20. 4. 02, mit Fiorello


April 1, 2002
Klassisch!, ZDF, German TV
(Andrea sings Mille Lune, mille onde, Melodramma und
mit Helena L'abitudine)
Klassisch, 2. März 2002, Copyright P.B.K./Ney , Danke!


March 15, 2002
Inauguration of the Disney Studios, Paris
transmission by several European TV Channels
Andrea sings 
L'abitudine with Helena and
Mille lune, mille onde
Disney Studios Paris, 15. 3. 02, TF2, mit Helena





March 11, 2002
Concert for peace, Venice, San Marco Dome
Konzert für den Frieden, 11. 3. 2002, Venedig, San Marco, mit Lorin Maazel


March 6, 2002
World Music Awards, Monte Carlo
transmission by several TV Channels worldwide
Andrea receives two awards:
-World best selling classical artist 
-Best selling Italian artist
World Music Awards, Monte Carlo, 6. 3. 2002


February 10, 2002 Goldene Kamera, ZDF, German TVVerleihung der Goldenen Kamera, Berlin, 5. 2. 2002, mit Henry Maske als Laudator
broadcast of the Gala from February 5 in Berlin 
 (Host: Désirée Nosbusch. Andrea receives the important German TV award in the category music from the boxer Henry Maske,  Elisabeth Lott plays the violin in his honour and he sings L'abitudine with Helena)
February 10, 2002
Dom&Nika in
RAI uno, Italian TV
 (in occasion of the carneval parade in Vaireggio Andrea gives a statement for the ARPA FOUNDATION)
Dom&Nica in, 10. 2. 2002


February 2, 2002
La Bella e la Besthia, RAI uno, Italian TV
(Andrea sings 
 L'abitudine with Helena and Caruso 
with Lucio Dalla)
La Bella e la Besthia, 2. 2. 2002, mit Lucio Dalla