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                        Rotterdam, The Netherlands
                                           October 26, 2002
                                         Ahoy' Sportspalace
Rotterdam, October 26, 2002 - thanks to Astrid
Yesterday I went to the concert in Ahoy Rotterdam, where Andrea presented the new songs of his album Sentimento. It was so very beautiful. I am still full of emotions. To begin with Andrea's voice that comes right in your heart and touches your soul. Andrea sang really breath -taken and pure. Besides his voice of course his personality, warm, a bit shy and willing to give all of himself.

At first the public reacted a little bit awaiting and reserved. ( which is typically Dutch,I am sorry to say ) During the evening the public went enthusiastic and at the end the were all excited and shouted his name .

Andrea also referred to the concert he gave 2 years ago in Rotterdam harbour during the European football competition. He remembered the enthousiastic public but he added that the next day, he did have a bad day. The italian football players lost during the finals. He also thanks the people in Ahoy for their affection. Because of his little conversation, the people in Ahoy react excited and warm and Andrea continues to sing again.

At last the people do not want him to go and they show their appreciation by applaud, yelling his name and ask him to stay (In English and Italian) in order to let him return on stage, again and again.

Andrea sang some familair songs in the end and of course the final song "Con te partir˛."

For me the concert was spectacular, the voice of Andrea full of emotions and the new songs were beautiful and romantic. The violin player Lidia Bach and the soprano Maria Luiga Borsi gave a special effect to the concert. I can't hardly wait for his next concert and of course the release of his album Sentimento.

Greetings and appreciation from the Netherlands,

Carolina van Lil

Andrea's concert in Rotterdam last saturday was a great triumph for him!
Standing ovations and much, much applause at the end, and the enthusiasm of the audience was rewarded with 4 encores! Andrea's voice was excellent this evening. In the first part of the concert he sang songs from his new Sentimento-disc, like "En Aranjuez con tu Amor," "La Serenata," and "Plaisir d┤Amour".

Andrea was accompanied by the Czech National Symphonic Orchestra and the violinist Lidia Baich. He is the only singer I know who impresses the people from the first moment, not with gestures or words, but only with his presence, his voice, his feeling and sure also with long held notes at the end of a song.

"Mattinata" was the last song of the first part, large applause before the intermission. The event took place in the Ahoy-Arena and it was nearly sold out, and the atmosphere and sound were quite good for such a big arena.

The second part of the concert startet with opera music - Macbeth, La BohŔme, Tosca, Otello. The duet partner of Andrea was Maria Luigia Borsi, the same soprano as in the Aarhus-concert in June.

In this opera-part Andrea again showed his powerful voice, only the Otello duet was not as successful - my personal opinion - but it was the only weakness.

Rotterdam, October 26, 2002 - thanks to Astrid

The last song of the regular concert was a great "Torna a Surriento," but sure the audience wanted more! Four encores followed: the duet from La Vedova Allegra, "Sogno," "O sole mio," and as finally last encore "Time To Say Goodbye." I think it is impossible to finish a concert without this song, it is nearly cult.

So it was a great performance and an unforgettable evening!

Grazie Andrea e ciao a la prossima volta.



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