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October 19, 2003
Outside the clouds may have been covering the stars in the heavens, and the winds chilly,but inside the National Indoor Arena one star had come to earth to transport us to another world. Andrea's warm and wonderful voice were all we needed, he has the magic to enthral us all.

With his solos "Aranjez," "Occhi di Fata," "Ah la paterna mano," "E lucevan le stelle," "Serenata," "Musica Proibita," "Mattinata," "O Surdato 'nammerato," and "Marechiare," he held us spellbound.

The duets with Paola Sanguinetti were from Tosca, "Torna a Surriento," "O soave fanciulla," "La Vedova Allegra," and "Brindisi."

Paola sang "O mio babbino caro," "Tu che m'haipreso i cuor," and "Tu ca non chiagne."

Paola has a lovely voice which blends well with Andrea's, as did Ruth Rogers with her violin.

I enjoyed Andrea's choice of music especially as it included several of my favourites and one or two new to me. The endings to some of the arias were different to those on his CD's, IMHO an improvement.

All too soon it was time for the encores. "Sogno," "The Prayer" as a solo, which I loved; and of course "Time To Say Goodbye" with all three performers.

To me, Andrea puts over all the emotion and pathos of an aria without over acting as some tenors tend to do. Even with tears streaming down one's face you are left with a feeling of utter joy to have been privileged to be there.

A memorable evening indeed.

Phlippa Ede


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