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Classical Brit Awards
Royal Albert Hall
May 22, 2003

Classical Brits, 22. 5. 2003,  thanks to Vilma!

The whole show was very enjoyable but of course Andrea was the biggeststar there. He was the second performer, dressed in a dark suit and shirt,open at the neck, he looked his usual handsome self, and slimmer. He sang "Aranjuez" and "Occhi di fata." To me every time he sings his voice seems to have even more depth and expression, it really is mesmerising. Before the concert started and during the interval people all around us, both men and women, were talking about the amazing affect AB's voice has on them.

After the interval he was presented with the award for the biggest selling CD of the year, Sentimento.The last award was for the listeners choice of Best Album of the year, which of course again was Sentimento, so all our votes must have helped. Andrea said his English is much better this year than last so he could thank us properly for both awards. He went on to say that after last year he hadn't expected to be back again this year and how happy he was. He finished by saying "I love you all."

Classical Brits, 22. 5. 2003, thanks to Vilma!

Then Bryn Terfel came back onstage again and they sang the duet from The Pearl Fishers. It sounded wonderful and we could see how much Andrea was enjoying himself by the way he turned to Bryn and smiled. As they got to the last notes, everyone in the audience rose to their feet cheering and clapping, it went on and on. I was hoping they would come back for an encore, but no luck. I came away with the sound of that beautiful voice ringing in my ears and the image of Andrea standing there singing his heart out with that gorgeous smile on his face.Truly a performance I shall always remember.

Philippa Ede

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