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September 17, 2004


Sydney, September 17 2004 - thanks to Carolyn!

Gosh after reading Margaret's report I dont think I can add much more....the concert in Sydney was wonderful too. I accompanied my two daughters and we blew out my credit card buying three seats which cost us in excess of $4,500 but well worth every penny... only have to work heaps of overtime to pay it off. We had the best seats in the house directly in front of him, it was absolutely fantastic, I had always told my husband if he comes back to Oz I will be sitting in the front no
matter what the cost,

On arrival we were amazed at all the stretch limo's that were lining up with guests, we felt a little shabby rolling up in the youngest's little sporty "Barina Cabrio" lol. The dining room was exquisite and took our breath away, the meal was sumptuous and so was the wine. I had to admit when we were seated and I realised he would be standing in front of us I was over the moon. I cried when he walked on stage for the first time, the tears just flowed down my cheeks, I could not believe I was seeing him, and more important hearing him.

Sydney, September 17 2004 - thanks to Carolyn!

What a concert, he was just wonderful, my daughters and I practiced a little Italian, and sang out We Love you Andrea he broke out into a little laugh and smiled at us.....we caught it on camera!! I had bought roses for him, hoping that I could give them to him at the after dinner party, but was told no one would be allowed to approach him, then some one from his entourage came to me and said I believe you have something that you would like to give to Maestro Bocelli, and I said yes, I had bought some roses for him, she said do you have a card for him as well, to which I replied no, so she came back with a slip of paper and asked me to write a note to him, which I did thanking him for coming to Australia, and for his wonderful music.

Carolyn from Oz

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