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November 30 until December 11, 2005



featuring: ANDREA BOCELLI, Special Guest DENYCE GRAVES, ROYAL PHILHARMONIC CONCERT ORCHESTRA, WESTMINSTER CONCERT CHOIR, principal & solo dancers from London's Royal Ballet, Winnipeg's Royal Ballet, Russia's Bolshoi Ballet, Ukraine Kyiv Ballet, Shumka Dancers 
Nov. 30        UNIONDALE, NY - Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY 

Uniondale, November 30, 2005, thanks to Sue!

Dec.    1        WASHINGTON - MCI Center Washington, DC 
Washingto, dec 1, 2005, thanks to Beckee!
Royal Christmas Washington, 1. 12. 2005
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Dec.    2        NEW YORK - Madison Square Garden New York, NY 
New York 2. 12. 2005,  NIAF reception, thanks to Sue!                                New York 2. 12. 2005,  with Denyce Graves, thanks to Sue!


Dec.    3        BOSTON - TD Banknorth Garden (formerly Fleetcenter), MA 
Dec.    4        EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena


Dec.    6        CHICAGO - United Center Chicago, IL 
Excerpt from the Chicago Times,, Dec 2, 2005
Bocelli spoke to the Sun-Times  Chicago, about the holiday show that brings him to the United Center on Tuesday.

Q. What makes this holiday concert special for you?
A. I'm happy because I arrive with a new program. I have performed many
times in Chicago singing the repertoire of an Italian tenor. But they were
my concerts, alone. Now I am in a new framework, one of several artists in a
program, with a repertoire of sacred arias. And I like this because we are
so close to Christmas and these songs give a very important message of peace
to the world.

Q. Is Christmas a special holiday for you?
A. It's the most beautiful holiday of the year. I have many sweet memories
from when I was a child at home. Unfortunately, my father, grandfather and
grandmother are no longer with us, but now I have my own children and it is
a very [special time] for us.

Q. How do your songs spread the message of peace?
A. These pieces are all very sacred music and it is a way for all of us to
pray together, especially in this very troubled [period in our world].

Q. What's the most special gift you ever received for Christmas?
A. That is difficult, but probably something I got when I was a child,
because presents are always more beautiful and special when we are children.
Miriam Di Nunzio
Dec.    8        PHOENIX - America West Arena Phoenix, AZ 
Dec.  11        FRESNO - Save Mart Center Fresno, CA
last rehearsal of the tour
Fresno11.12.2005, picture
Fresno11.12.2005, picture
 farewell picture 
with all the performers of the tour
a little private relaxation before 
the very last concert of the tour
Fresno11.12.2005, picture


Scandinavian Tour
soprano: Patricia Orciani 
baritone: Gianfranco Montresor
conductor: Marcello Rota
orchestra: The National Czech Symphony


Skandinavien Tour Dez. 05 mit Gianfranco Montresor und Patrizia Orciani, thanks to Veronica and Ivano


 Dec. 14, 2005
 HORSENS, Denmark, Forum Horsens 
Dec 16, 2005
 Helsinki, Finland, Hartwall Arena

Finnland, 16.12. 3005, thanks to Bitte!

from the Finnish press:
ILTA-SANOMAT, Finland 17. 12. 2005
concert at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki

by: Essi Henriksson
Andrea Bocelli´s voice was gorgeous
The Finnish audience was charmed by the sight of Andrea Bocelli.
How can a blind man in a black suit hold the audience so in his hands?  Only in one way.  With a totally incredible voice.
(...) it was the heart winner Torna a Surriento by De Curtis that excited the audience.  The nervous and humble smiling Bocelli became warmer in his clothes as the concert went on.  He had the audience with him and he filled the arena with his pain.  It feels like this singer describes something with his singing that ordinary people can't see. 

The other musicians in the concert yesterday evening were also shining.  The first violinist was allowed to show his power in Mattina by Leoncavallo.  The baritone, Gianfrano Montresor, sang the Chanson du Toreador from Carmen with a twinkle in his eye. 

The cooperation with Bocelli started to flower with the soprano Patrizia Orciani.

They teary eyed female audience applauded Bocelli and he gave three extra songs.  The tenor started to waltz with the guest soprano at the end of the concert.

Bocelli, with his stubble beard and his stage presence, gave this cold winter performance a soul much longed for.
When a blind singer sings about love and dreams what can one do except believe?
translation: B.-M. Sjogren (with assistance of Sari (Finland) and Linda (USA)
Fan review with program
Here is the concert review of the concert 16th Decemberr in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland where Andrea gave it all to us. the whole 2h 20min one intermission. His voice is better than ever. He sang two times D note (one higher than C ). The sound system could have been better though but in a big arena with 13 000 people it was fair. He was accompanied with Patrizia Orciani-soprano and Gianfranco Montresor - baritone. I give you the list of songs in the concert:

Leoncavallo- Mattinata
Tosca-Mario,Mario- duet
Tosca- E lucevan le stelle
Turandot- Tu che di gel sei sinta- Patrizia Orciani
La Boheme- O Mimi tu piu non torni- Andrea and baritone
The pearl fishers- Au fond du temple saint- Andrea and baritone


Di Capua- I te vurria vasa
Tosti- Marechiare
Rodrigo- Aranjuez
Lehar- Ru che m´hai presoil cuor- Andrea and soprano
E. A. Mario- Santa Lucia luntana
De Curtis- Torna a Surriento
Bizet- Carmen- Chanson du Toreador- baritone
Di Capua- O sole mio
Lehar- The merry widow- Andrea and soprano
Verdi- La traviata- Brindisi- Anrea,soprano,baritone

Then standing ovation applause for certain period of time, I don´t have a clue how long we applauded.....encores...
Standing ovation cheering
Standing ovation cheering
Con te partioro/Time to say good bye Andrea and soprano

wow, wow, wow......the concert was faboulos and we all were thrilled and in
heaven....The concert climaxed to the end and the sound got also better, I
guess they had a slight mixing problem in the beginning because the sound
broke in high notes  .........who cares as long Anreas voice could be heard

Yours, Kenneth Skurnik

Dec. 18, 2005
Stockholm, Sweden -  The Globe

Dec 20, 2005
 Hamar, Norway -  Vikingship Arena
from the Norwegian press:
Hamar Dagblad 21. 12. 2005
 by Hanne  Nordhagen Karlsen
read the Original article here (with picture)
An audience of over 8000 people let themselves be impressed by the
beautiful voice of Italian world star when he entered the Vikingship Stage.
Frozen stiff by –14 degrees Celsius outdoors, the audience were warmed by
 Andrea Bocelli's emotional voice, and the Vikingship proved that it can with
advantage be used for concerts.
Andrea Bocelli was not alone on stage. He had brought two Italian singers as well as
The Czech orchestra. The soprano Patrizia Orciani and baritone Gianfranco Montresor added to the musical quality.
translation: Y. Wallin  
To read original article with pictures go here
December 20, 2005
A Fantastic Evening for Hamar
By Anne Næsheim, Ola Bjørlo Strande and Ingvar Midthun
Many people were impressed by Andrea Bocelli’s concert at the Viking Ship arena last Tuesday evening.
The Mayor of Hamar was indeed impressed by Andrea Bocelli's concert at the Viking Ship arena in Hamar last Tuesday evening. "A fantastic evening for Hamar," Einar Busterud said after the concert.
An audience of more than 8.500 saw Andrea Bocelli at the Viking Ship, and Mayor Einar Busterud says that the town can be very proud of its achievements.
"We have proven that we can use the Viking Ship in quite new ways and we can supply Oslo when it comes to arranging big concerts," Busterud said.
An Audience Full of Expectations
As early as around six o’clock Tuesday evening, the first people in the audience arrived for the concert. The blind Italian opera star singer has managed to make people from the Inland of Norway to pay between 600 to 1100 Norwegian Krones for their tickets. Aase Jones from Elverum found the performance touching. "I don’t understand much of opera music, but I understand what is beautiful. I very nearly started crying," Aase said about the concert.
Worth Every Krone
Astrid Louise Knudsen (13) and her mother Gro from Höland in Akershus are among those who think the concert tonight is worth both the time and money.
"We have been driving for 2 hours, but it’s worth it," says mother and Astrid Louise agrees.
"I listen to a lot of other music, too, but since both mum and dad play Bocelli at home, it is natural that I get used to that music and like it," Astrid says.
Warmed-Up by a 3 Course Dinner
In a warmed-up VIP tent in the parking lot at the Viking Ship, some one hundred guests had a 3 course dinner with wine before the concert.
Borgar Bakker and Peder Nafstad normally work for HIAS & Schöyens Bilcentraler, but because of this event, they put on waiter apparel for Storhamar Hockey.
"We are volunteering on our spare time and probably won’t see the concert," says Borgar, who thinks that "thank you for the hockey" is more important than the music.
Those with VIP tickets in their pockets enjoy themselves having a 3-course dinner before the concert.
Working All Day Today
50 people have been working today in order to get everything fixed and ready in the Viking Ship in time for the concert. There is a lot of equipment to be installed and then taken down again afterwards.
"We have been working since 8 o’clock this morning, and we will probably not be finished until 3-4 a.m. tonight", says the stage hand Ola Bratli.
Was Going to Work As a Lawyer
Bocelli was born in the Tuscany district in Italy in 1958, and he didn’t plan to become an opera singer. He was educated at law school and he also worked as a lawyer for one year before he became a fulltime singer. Now he is an opera singer and a star, traveling around the world. The Dane Mikkel Brogård is one of those who follows Bocelli around Europe as a production manager.
"Bocelli is very pleasant to be around and he does not behave like a diva," Mikkel Brogård says.
More Than Bocelli
Those who have come to the Viking Ship tonight will hear more than beautiful singing by Bocelli. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra will also be there, among others.
"It is an evening filled with top artists", the head arranger Odd Steinar Pedersen promises, in Hamar's Olympic facilities.
Translated by Yvonne Wallin, posted with  kind permission from the authors, Anne Naesheim, Ola Björlo Strande and Ingvar Midthun
Original article with photos Published by NRK, 20/12 2005, online at