"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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In the spring, the Italian rock star Zucchero looks for a tenor to make a demo of "Miserere", a song composed by him and U2's Bono, which he hopes to convince Luciano Pavarotti to sing in duet with him. He comes upon Andrea, who "sings with his soul". When Pavarotti hears the demo, he says, "Who is this fellow? You don't need me. I could not do better!" However, the duet with Pavarotti/Zucchero is made.
Privatbesitz Familie Bocelli
June, 27: Enrica and Andrea marry.
Im In the summer, Andrea attends the master-class of Franco Corelli in Turin, and introduces himself by singing Puccini's "Che gelida manina."


Through his cooperation with Zucchero, he meets composer Lucio Quarantotto, the music-publisher Caterina Caselli, and the ex-drummer and later manager Michele Torpedine.
In the summer, he tours with Zucchero throughout Europe in live concerts, singing Pavarotti's part in "Miserere." As a solo number, he sings something quite uncommon for a rock star: "Nessun Dorma" from Puccini's TURANDOT and receives great applause for it.
At Zucchero's birthday party in September, Caterina Caselli, president of Sugar Records, is present and hears Andrea's voice. She is enthusiastic, and offers him a record contract.


In November, he goes to the preliminaries of the Festival of Sanremo, in the category of "Giovani", with the solo version of "Miserere, and sings both parts: That of Zucchero and that of Pavarotti, and wins the highest score.
On December 28, he debuts in the classic world in a concert at the Teatro Romolo Valli in Reggio Emilia.
San Remo 1994, Gewinner
In February, he wins with
"Il Mare Calmo Della Sera"
the main competition of the San Remo Festival
in the category "Nuove Proposte" (New Proposals).
His first CD, "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera" is released, for which he received this Golden Disc, his first one.
his first Golden Disc - photo (c)
In May he tours in Italy together with Gerardina Trovato  
(Song: Vivere)
In September, he is invited to appear with Pavarotti at his benefit concert "Pavarotti International" in Modena. He sings Leoncavallo's "Mattinata" and the duet with maestro Pavarotti, Morante's "Notte e Piscatore". He also sings "Brindisi" from Verdi's LA TRAVIATA in the finale, along with Nancy Gustafson, Giorgia, Andreas Vollenweider and Bryan Adams and the last one's composition "All for love".
In September he makes his debut in an opera role,
playing Macduff in Verdi's MACBETH
in the Teatro Verdi in Pisa.
At Christmas, he sings "Adeste Fideles" in Rome
in presence of the Pope in St. Peter's Basilica.
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