"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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is released in Italy first and later in the year 
in many other countries of the world
When in January 2010 a terrible earthquake destroys Haiti and also the home for children of the Fondazione Francesco Rava
on youtube Andrea appeals to his fans to donate and immediately initiates first important aid.
 For help:
 Fondazione  Francesca Rava
IBAN: IT 39 G 03062 34210 000000760000
At the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on January 31 Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige together sing the Simon & Garfunkel Hit Bridge over Troubled Water. The proceeds go to the Red Cross for Haiti.
On March 2nd Andrea Bocelli receives a star at the
He is the seventh Italian to receive this honour.
Andrea's Star, March 2nd, 2010, thanks to Jack!
Stockholm, Globen Arena, 11. April 2010, mit Eugene Kohn, copyright
In March and April gives concerts in Scandinavia and Asia accompanied by conductor Eugene Kohn 
in huge sold out venues.
At this occasion he also participates at the 
 in Shanghai.
Shanghai 30.4.10,  photo Luca Rossetti for Almud Edizioni Musicali, all rights reserved
On May 18th, 2010 Andrea Bocelli is honored as World's Best Classical Artist at the World Music Awards 2010 at the Sporting Club Montecarlo
He  receives his award from Maurice Gibb of the famous Bee Gees
In July Andrea gives several very special concerts:  
The final concert of the FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa, 
the opening concert of the Khan Shatyr Center in Kazakhstan and another one for the the representatives of the European Parliament in Brussels.
On July 25th the last of the legendary concerts at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico takes place in front of more than 10.000 spectators from all over the world. This time, among others, José Carreras and Zucchero participate.
Teatro del Silenzio, Lajatico, 25. Juli 2010, photo copyright
Teatro del Silenzio, Lajatico, 24. Juli 2010, photo copyright
In July Andrea is also awarded the PREMIO LUNEZIA NEL MONDO 2010 – for the musical and literary quality of his songs -  and the PISANO DOC of the city of Pisa “to represent a small recognition of a great citizen, who with his extraordinary artistry and his humanity brings great distinction, honor and respect to the city of Pisa”.
In August Andrea participates at the mass of young missionaries of the catholic organisation Nuovi Horizonti (, encouraging and supporting them with his presence and a few words and singing Panis Angelicus and Ave Maria 
interview on youtube
Riccione August 13, 2010; Andrea listening to Chiara Ammirante
Athen, 7. Sept. 2010, photo Luca Rossetti, copyright Almud s.r.l
More spectacular concerts in Italy, Spain, Greece and Egypt and especially the one at the Duomo del Milan follow in September.
La musica del silenzio 
Also in September an updated edition of Andrea's biography (1st edition 1999)
 is released in Italy
De Agostini 2010 | ISBN: 9788851115494
At the UNESCO CHARITY GALA 2010 in Duesseldorf, Germany in October Andrea receives the award "Piramide con Mani" 
for his social engagement on behalf of children in need.
Unesco Charity Gala, Düsseldorf, 30.10.10, rechts Oliver Stone, Foto F. Hochscheid
London, 12. Nov. 2010, Foto copyright
in December in the US more mega concerts take place, which in accordance with the season also include Christmas songs. 
Los Angeles, 10 December 2010, copyright Almud srl.
Christmas in Washington, Dec 12, 2010, photo for Andrea is invited to participate at the US President's annual charity Christmas Gala in Washington on behalf of Children's Hospital. After President Clinton and President Bush, now President Obama is the third President of the US to invite Andrea Bocelli to sing at an official event.
Later in December Andrea is also invited to participate at the annual 
Christmas concert at the Italian Senate together with Maestro Claudio Scimone and the orchestra 'I Solisti Veneti'. The concert is broadcast live by Italian TV.  
RAIuno, concerto di Natale, 19.12.10
Pisa 29.12.10 Notte Illuminata 0, Dank an Astrid!
By the end of the year Andrea presents us his new project Notte Illuminata by videos and audios on his facebook site and in the community. He starts the tour of this name with a charity concert in his home town Pisa on December 29th.
The year closes with a glamorous free concert for the public of Batumi, Georgia


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