"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Andrea begins the year with the
a concert comprising classical songs in four languages, so-called “Lieder.” He begins the series with three celebrated concerts in the most prestigious concert halls of Germany, in Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg, 
Hamburg, Laeiszhalle, 11.1.11 mit Vincenzo Scalera, Photo copyright
and he completes it triumphantly at the Metropolitain Opera in New York. A recording of this extraordinary repertoire is offered for download on the Internet. 
This year’s concert tour starts on Valentine’s day in Florida, and then in March and April brings Andrea first to South America, later in May to Asia, and finally in June to Israel.
Bogota, 25.3.2011, thanks to Corina!
2. Juli 2011, Monte Carlo
At the dream wedding of Prince Albert from Monaco with Charlene Wittstock in July, Andrea sings the “Ave Maria” during the celebration. 
In the same month, Andrea gives a concert at the impressive thousand-year-old setting of the Teatro Greco in Siracusa in Sicily. At the Teatro del Silenzio in his home town this year, Andrea makes only a guest appearance at the Italian-Chinese spectacle “Bravo China.”
Siracusa, Teatro Greco, 1 Luglio 2011, photo
New York Central Park, 15 September 2011, with that unique skyline, copyright
In September one of the most special events of Andrea‘s entire career takes place: A colossal concert before an audience of 70,000 spectators in Central Park, New York! The event is captured live for CDs and DVDs: “Concerto: One Night in Central Park.”
In autumn, numerous worldwide appearances follow, among them the 50th anniversary of “Songs of Praise” and “Children in need” in Great Britain, the “Carmen Nebel Show” in Germany, “Jay Leno” and “Dancing with the stars” in the USA, and “Che tempo che fa” and a “TG Speciale” in Italy.
Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel, Dortmund, 12.November 2011, foto
US Tour Dec 2011, photo Luca Scota, copyright almud srl
The concert year is finished with concerts in Oman, in Brasilia (100,000 spectators!), and in the USA in November and December.
Another very important event of the year however is the birth of Andrea’s own charity foundation, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. A major fundraising gala with many celebrities takes place in Los Angeles in December. More than one million dollars are raised to support the many charity projects of the new foundation. Detailed information also in English is available at
Andrea Bocelli Foundation
In December, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles presents a limited-time exhibit, “Andrea Bocelli: The Story of a Voice,” dedicated to Andrea’s personal life and career, showing for example many never before published photographs and many things that played an important role in Andrea’s life.
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