"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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 In February Andrea sings at the closing ceremony of the
XX. Olympic Winter Games
in Torino/Italy for a TV audience all over the world 
„Because we believe“ 
from his latest CD „Amore“
At that time  by a concert at the „Medal’s Plaza" he also starts his tour of the year which will bring him from Italy to the USA , to England/Ireland/Schottland , to many other European countries and again back to America.
Sacramento, 6-9-2006, thanks to Barbara!
The CD Amore is released
In March he receives the honour of a Gran Ufficiale from a representant ot the Italian state for his world-wide merits for his country as a singer and he returns to the Sanremo Festival, where he started his carreer ten years ago.
 In March and May he takes part at several classic concert in 
(Messa di Gloria, Canto di pace, Petite Messe Solennelle)
Teatro Comunale Firenze, 31. 3. 2006, Photo
In June Andrea sings together with Gianna Nannini at the 
"großen Fan-Party" in occasion of the opening of the Soccer World Championship in Berlin in front of a huge live audience and at the same time in front of billions of worldwide tv spectators the Italian duett version of Because we believe: 
Ama, credi e vai.
At the end of July he returns to his home with a triumphant concert at the new created 
in Lajatico
Lajatico, teatro del Silenzio, 27. 7. 2006, Foto copyright
Avery Fisher Hall, New York, Sept. 2006, with Asher Fisch and the New York Philharmonics - thanks to Astrid!
Another highlight of Andrea's concert year happens in September by his debut at the famous 
In November Andrea receives the World Music Awards as best Italian singer and as best selling classical artist of the year
In October the opera CD „I Pagliacci“ from Leoncavallo  
with  Andrea singing the role of Canio is released


In December Andrea closes his world tour of the year 2006 with more concerts in America und Europe
Antwerpen 12. 11. 2006
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