"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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On January 20th 2015,  
Andrea received the prestigious 
World Economic Forum's Crystal Award in Davos , Switzerland
Awards ceremony, interview and TV news online:
 “The 21st Annual Crystal Awards
The World Economic Forum's Crystal Award honours artists whose important contributions are improving the state of the world.
 The World Economic Forum marked the opening of its 45th Annual Meeting on Tuesday by awarding three exceptional artist and cultural leaders with a Crystal Award:
 Andrea Bocelli, World-Famous Singer-Songwriter and Founder of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. His Foundation works to help people in need due to illness, poverty and social exclusion by promoting and supporting national and international projects that foster the overcoming of such barriers and help them to realize their full potential.”
full text and video here:


Miami, FL, Feb 2015, Photo Credit - Ralph Notaro/NDM for Almud srl.
 Andreas Konzertjahr startet in Nordeuropa und in Florida , der Dominikanischen Republik und in Asien
Am 30. April gibt Andrea in Mailand ein Konzert anlässlich der Eröffnung der 
EXPO 2016


agrada Familia, Barcelon, May 28, 2015, photo copyright by F, Hochscheid
Am 28. Mai 2015 gibt Andrea das erste Konzert einer Reihe, die in den Kathedralen der Welt stattfinden werden, in der großartigen, und zu Recht berühmten 


Im Juni geht Andrea wieder höchst erfolgreich in den USA auf Tour
Vancouver, June 14, 2015, photo by Jeff Vinnick for
Caserta, 26. Juni 2015, photo copyright by F. Hochscheid
Und zum Ende des Monats findet ein Konzert vor der außergewöhnlichen Kulisse des Palastes von Caserta statt
On July 3rd 2015 Andrea once again performs for the Pope in occasion of the event 
Voci in Preghiera on
St. Peter's Square Rome
online videos here: 

In July Andrea appears at a concert at the famous Baths of Caracalla, at which is remembered the legendary concert of the three tenors there in 1990. Proceeds for UNICEF. 
Im August begeht das
Teatro del Silenzio seinen "10th Anniversary"
mit zwei wundervolle Abenden : 
unter der Leitung von Zubin Mehta
Teatro del Silenzio, August 2, 2015, photo F.Hochscheid für
Teatro del Silenzio, August 4, 2015, photo F.Hochscheid für
mit befreundeten italienischen Künstlern. 
In September Andrea presents his  
for the first time at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood,
 moreover he participates at a concert in honour of Luciano Pavarotti in Los Angeles and meets Pope Francis one more time at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia and the second Celebrity Fight takes place in Florence, Italy
On his performance for Pope Francis, Bocelli said: “It is a great honor for me to be in Philadelphia, and have the possibility to sing, once again, in front of the Holy Father, thus giving my humble contribution as a fervent Catholic,” said Bocelli, “St. Augustine reminds us that singing can be an extraordinary form of prayer. This is my goal, my intention: to bring the joy of praying together. Pope Francis is a blessing given to the world. I have for him a sincere, profound devotion. I think this journey represents for the United States a precious opportunity to embrace this giant, a man of God, a gift from Heaven, a point of reference and a providential source of hope for our world. The presence of Pope Francis at the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) in Philadelphia emphasizes the fundamental importance of the subject and of the message that this meeting of high spiritual value embodies, and that is the role of the family, meant as the primary and irreplaceable building block of society.”

On October 23 Cinema ist released worldwide. Many TV appearances worldwide follow, among them one at the MTV EMAs 2016 in Milan.

The Video accompanying E più ti penso reaches first position of youtube charts. 

In November Andrea participates at the famous 
Richard Tucker Gala in New York, the 
Festival of Remembrance at Royal Albert Hall in London
and at a concert in front of almost 80.000 spectators in favour for UNICEF at the Old Trafford in Manchester organized by David Beckham, moreover he gives concerts in Prague and Budapest. 
In Naples, Italy he presents Cinema at a spectacular concert broadcast by Italian TV: 
 Almost his whole adorable family participates. 
Il mio Cinema, Napoli, RAIuno, NOV/Dec 2015, photo by F. Hochscheid (c)
Berlin, 25. 11.15, photo F.Hochscheid
November 25th Andrea kindly visited his German Discograpy Universal in Berlin.
 With a short private concert he gave a very special present to the members of the staff there
Klassikakzente Deutschland released it on Nov 27 on youtube:


Berlin, 25. 11.15, photo F.Hochscheid
Sehen Sie hier Andrea Bocelli mit einer Live Perfomance von Richard Strauss Zueignung. Das aktuelle Album "Cinema" von Andrea Bocelli ist jetzt überall erhältlich.


Sehen Sie hier Andrea Bocelli mit einer Live Perfomance von Be My Love aus seinem aktuellen Album "Cinema".



In December Andrea now already tradionally ends the year with several concerts in the USA. 
When Andrea found out, that there are so many homeless people on New York's streets he spontanously decided to give a small street concert on Times Square to give the proceeds to them. 


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