"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Willkommen bei Carmen Nebel, Erfurt, 13.4.13, Foto F. Hochscheid
During the first month of the year Andrea appears in many TV Shows worldwide - for example in Germany, France and the US.
In spring Andrea tours in Asia.
Shanghai 30.4.13, photo exclusive to Almud srl.
14.Mai 2013, Berlin, Universal, Verleihung 7 Mil Award, Photo F. Hochscheid
Berlin, May 14th 2013:
7 million album sales in Germany - Andrea is honoured for this extraordinary accomplishment by the Deutsche Grammophon.
He receives this award from Mark Wilkinson, the President of the Deutsche Grammophon. 

At this time already more than 75 million of Andrea's albums have been sold worldwide.


14.Mai 2013, Berlin, Universal, Verleihung 7 Mil Award, Photo F. Hochscheid

Berlin Philharmonie 15.5.2013, photo F.Hochscheid
In May Andrea gives concerts in the Philharmonie Berlin,
Prag, May 18, 2013, photo thanks to Jack!
Arena di Verona, 1.6.13, photo by Luca Rossetti per Almud
In June after a spectacular concert on occasion of the season's opening of the Arena di Verona with the participation of Placido Domingo, ...
follows the Passion for life tour in the US...
12.6.13, Newark, USA, with Caroline Campbell, photo thanks to Jack!
Köln, 23. Juni 2013, photo F.Hochscheid
...and one more concert in Germany
In Cologne star violinist David Garrett is at Andrea's side for the first time.
In July there is 
another edition of the legendary annual 
Lajatico, 13.Juli 2013, photo Fabian Hochscheid 
La Spezia, October 22, 2013: Andrea gains his master degree at the Conservatorio Giacomo Puccini in La Spezia. Italian TV Sky was there and observed this event for the world - some spots still online:
Mexico City, Oct 3, 2013, photo by Zorpa Studio for Almud
In autumn Andrea keeps on touring from Central- and South America ...


Budapest 9.November 2013, photo by Tyukodi László for Almud srl.
... over 
Glasgow, Nov 23, 2013, photo thanks to Patricia!
on to the United States in December. 
Washington Horizon Center, 12.12.13, photo thanks to Jack
Vatikan, 2.12.13, mit Anastasiya Petryshak
The concert year comes to a close in December with a solidarity concert in the Paolo VI Auditorium in the Vatican to raise funds for the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit of the Bambino Gesů Pediatric Hospital. 
and a Christmas and Passione concert in Bratislava.


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