"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Telegatti, Rom, 20.1.08, Canale5, Mediaset mit Pippo Baudo und Michelle Hunziker
In January Andrea receives the Italian TV award Telegatto Platinum for the Italian music in the world. 
At the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles in February Andrea sings together with Josh Grohan "The Prayer" in front of millions of spectators worldwide
Grammy Awards, Los Angeles, Feb 10, 2008, CNN Networks, with Josh Groban

In May at the Brit Awards in London the opera superstars Anna Netrebko and Andrea Bocelli sing together for the first time.

Classical Brit Awards 8.5.08, mit Anna Netrebko

 More concerts in Europe follow, one of those a triumphant concert in front of the Cathedral in Milan in early June.

In June Andrea is Don José 
Carmen, primo atto,Teatro dell'Opera Roma, mit Ildiko Komlosi (Carmen) copyright
Cinema Tribute Concert, 20.7.08, thanks to Astrid!
The concert in July in Lajatico is visited by an even bigger enthusiastic audience again.
 This year it is called 
"The Cinema Tribute Concert" 
and is dedicated to the famous melodies of the world of  movies.
 In August follow more 
In September Andrea performs the
 Messa di Gloria in Padova together wit the Solisti Veneti directed by Claudio Scimone
Padua, Chiesa degli Eremitani, 26.9.08, mit Claudio Scimone, thanks to Astrid!
Neapel, 24.10.08, with Steven Mercurio, photo copyright
 In October Andrea presents his new CD Incanto by a 
Also in October he participates at the Gala in occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Peres Center for Peace at the opera house of Tel Aviv. Together with the 19 year old Israelian singer Liel Kolet Andrea presents the
song 'Ray of Hope', which has been written by Simon Peres himself. During the same month Andrea
also takes part at a reading of the Bible on Italian television, which also does Pope Benedetto, and finally Andrea is protagonist at a concert in honour for Luciano Pavarotti in Petra Giordan.
At the end of the year Andrea performs in America, including  the presentation of the Petite Messe Solenelle with Placido Domingo as director of the orchestra. As encore the two world famous singers sing together the Pearl Fishers' Duett for the enchanted audience.
Washington 21.11.08 with Placido Domingo singing the Pearl Fisher's duet and co-conductor , thanks to Jack!
Recanati 23.12.08

 In December Andrea receives the Gigli D'Oro, an award of the city of Recanati, the hometown of the tenor Beniamino Gigli, which is given once a year to a classical singer who represents the precious art of their most famous fellow citizen.

Fabio Fazio honors Andrea in a special edition of 
with many famous guests
Andrea, Pierpaolo Guerini, Carlo Bernini, Dec 2008, Milano, copyright
Andrea e Alberto Bocellii, Dec 2008, Milano, copyright Andrea, Veronica e Marcello Lippi, Dec 2008, Milano, copyright
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