"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Palermo, Teatro Massimo, März 09, Foto
In March, Andrea would have been the protagonist in serveral performances of Gounod's 
Unfortunately the theater employees went on strike.  
In early spring the tour leads Andrea  from  Abu Dhabi to Russia, and from  Ireland to South America, where at one concert in Sao Paolo he sings in front of more than 110,000 people!
Sao Paolo, 21. 4. 09, thanks to VB!
In April 2009, Andrea is decorated by the Government of the Dominican Republic in recognition of his contributions to art and culture internationally.
Deutsche Oper Berlin, 23.Mai 2009 mit Fikile Mvinjelwa und Mariana Pentcheva, Foto copyright
In May, finally Andrea Bocelli appears in Germany again - at the 
At the Colosseo in Rome the same month, Andrea gives a memorable concert for the victims of the 
earthquake in the Abruzzo region. 
Rome, Colosseo, 25. Mai 2009, copyright

Rom, Colosseo, Mai 2009, Copyright!
Also at the Colosseo scenes of a promotional video for the City of Rome with Andrea and Monica Bellucci are shot by famous director Franco Zefirelli.


Rom, Olympiastadium, 27.Mai, 2009, Foto copyright

Again in May Andrea sings before the 
in front of 90 000 spectators at the stadium and 
millions in front to the televisions worldwide
More concerts follow...
First in June, a highly successful 
US Tour June 09, Allstate Arena, photo thanks to Lisa!
Venedig, 1. Juli 2009, Foto copyright
...and then in July, a spectacular 
in Venice...
...and finally the fourth wonderful 
concert at Andrea's homeplace Lajatico in Tuscany - this time with the extraordinary particiapation of
 Maestro Placido Domingo
Teatro del Silenzio,Juli 2009, photo copyright
In July at the Ischia Global Film & Music Festival, 
Andrea receives the Ischia Social Music Award  
for his solidarity and social commitment during his career. 
In August Andrea participates at the "Concerto per Viareggio" in solidarity with the victims of the catastrophic explosion in June.
New York, Carnegie Hall, 8.-11. September 2009, thanks to Astrid!
In September, Andrea Bocelli debuts at prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York.
Christmas Special, Kodak Theatre, Los Angeles, Sept 2009,videostill TG5
At the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles he then records a 
which will be broadcast during Christmas time by US channel PBS 
and many other channels worldwide. 
Special musical guests Natalie Cole, Mary J. Blige, Reba McEntire, Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, The Muppets and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Among the featured songs highlighted will be “White Christmas,” “Oh Holy Night,” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night,” “The Christmas Song,”"What Child is This" and many more
In autumn more concerts follow in Poland, Latvia and England and also the participation at the season's opening concert of Verona's Teatro Filarmonico (Messa di Gloria, Puccini)
Verona, Teatro Filarrmonico, 23. Oktober 2009,Dank an Annelies!
At the Qurinale in Rome on November 9, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano grants the PREMIO VITTORIO DE SICA 2009 to the representatives of Italian culture: for his music, to Andrea Bocelli. 
more photos here and here


 Again in Rome on November 12, Andrea is guest of honor at the Italian Senate, where the Chamber remembers the visit of Pope John Paul II 7 years ago by presenting the documentary “Credo” with arias and religious songs of Andrea Bocelli. 
On November 21, Andrea is among the few hundred artists of the world, who are invited by Santo Padre Benedict XIV to the Cappella Sistina at the Vatican
Capella Sistina, 21.11.09, il Papa incontra gli artisti, TG1, RAIuno

London, 3.11.09, Premiere Christmas Carol, videostill  youTube

DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL, based on the classic Dickens tale, is re-envisioned by filmmaker Robert Zemeckis in a 3D motion picture event. Andrea Bocelli contributes the final carol of the movie: 
"God bless us everyone" (also on the new Christmas album: My Christmas), he also leads a world record breaking Christmas Carol sing-along joined by
 St Paul's Cathedral Choir in London's Leicester Square to open proceedings for the World Premiere of Disney's 'A Christmas Carol'.
Toronto, 3. Dezember 2009, thanks to Karen V!
Andrea tops this year's success with a Christmas Tour in North America
 in December. 
Also in December, once again, 
Andrea takes the time to support his tenor collegue José Carreras at his annual Gala in support of research against leukemia on German TV.


Carreras Gala 17.12.09, Copyright
During the whole year Andrea appeared in many TV shows world-wide, among them the famous Oprah and Leno shows on US TV and the Italian "Che tempo che fa". The most important ones are listed here including links to online clips.
Mailand, Che Tempo che Fa. 20.12.09,  copyright
Assisi, 18.12.09, copyright
Andrea's last concert this year takes place in the wonderful 
 in Assisi and is broadcast by Italian tv on Christmas Day. 


Andrea Bocelli's new CD My Christmas, released in November, sells more than four million copies within the last two months of the year and remains 8 weeks at No 2 on the prestigious US Billboard charts. My Christmas is the fifth best-selling album of the year in the US and the third best-selling album of the world, which is a record for an Italian singer, it remains several weeks at No 1 in the Italian charts and the Billboard Holiday charts. With these records, Andrea Bocelli can look back on another highly successful year and has made firm even more his position of being the most successful tenor in the world. 

Up to now Andrea has sold more than 65 million CDs worldwide

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