"One only sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Werther Cover
Budapest 26. 2. 2005, thanks to Sigi!
During the first half of the year Andrea is touring from Madeira to Hungary  to Norway and America, England, Italy  and also to Germany  
One of his worldwide TV appearances during this time gives him the occasion to get to know a very special duet partner: 
Elmo from the Muppet Show
Berlin, 6-18-2005, concert with Patrizia Orciani, copyright
In June he presents to an expectant   audience at the Deutsche Opera in Berlin  
8 romances from Verdi for tenor and orchestra or piano, as he did also before in Bologna and will do later again in Zurich


During the year Andrea is invited by the new Pope Benedict XVI, and by American President Bush and Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
 to sing at their special events


 Andrea is called to participate at the benefit concerts
  Music for Asia and 
Live 8 in Rome and Paris
Also during the second part of the year, Andrea gives many concerts in Croatia, Serbia, Italy, the United States, Dubai, Switzerland, and finally in Scandinavia

Newport News 20. 10, 2005, thanks to Gloria


Faenol, 28. 8. 2005, copyright
The audience of the 
in the homeland of the great baritone from Wales is presented with the unique gift to hear these two opera giants sing together


In December Andrea's first contemporary music concert takes place at chilly 
Lake Las Vegas Village, USA It probably will be shown on a PBS special in March 2006


Fresno11.12.2005, picture
The solemn close of the year is marked by Andrea's participation at the Royal Christmas Show , which takes place in several cities in the US in December


Werther Cover
The CD Werther is released
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